Saturday, May 23, 2009

Great Lakes Fiber Show

I've been gone awhile and I hate to admit this, but the truth is I've hardly been knitting at all. For the last three months really I will have the occasional mindless knit, which is how I have one WIP sock and why the the last three completed projects I've made have been garter stitch baby bibs, but I've actually gone for days at a time without knitting a stitch.

This is most likely because I'm pregnant and I hear this is very common in the first trimester especially. See, I knew what I was doing when I started knitting baby clothes two years ago despite knowing we weren't ready to start a family then ;-)

I've just given up and unjoined the 2009 stash down and Hat of the Month groups on Ravelry. It isn't happening.

I really would like this to change soon. To try and spur that, despite the lack of knitting my existing stash in the last couple months, I went to the Great Lakes Fiber Show today and bought six skeins of yarn.
I had a really good time at the show today. I randomly met some knitters from the West Cleveland group (wearing Ravelry shirts is a good way to meet people!) and since I was at the show by myself they adopted me and I hung out with them for awhile.

I have even managed to enter this new stash (with pictures!) into Ravelry already. As best as I can anyhow, some of this yarn didn't come with labels and the receipts don't have any store info on and I don't remember the names of the booths.

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Pretty Knitty said...

Boy, I wish I had seen this when you posted it, I would have commented then! As it is, and as one of the random knitters who adopted you, HOWDY! How are you feeling? Knitting any now?

Pam :-)

Email me back at PrettyKnittyJewelry(AT)ymail(DOT)com if you want. . .