Friday, December 3, 2010

Things I will miss about this apartment

In all my excitement for buying a house, I have to admit that moving out of this apartment is kind of bittersweet.

Here are the top 5 things I will miss about living here:

  1. E was born here. This place will always be special because of that.
  2. The way the kitchen is partially open to the living room.
  3. Watching Amelia try to climb the pillars between the kitchen and the living room.
  4. The closet organizers. I have never lived in an apartment where they made so much effort to make the space usable. Along with that, I will miss the walk-in closet that has been my yarn closet.
  5. The maintenance team. Not only are they fast to respond and friendly and the type of people you don't mind being in your place, if there is a problem beyond their expertise they get someone who knows what they are doing out there right away. Plus, you never have to pay for it. I will miss that.
Let's be honest though, there are some things I won't miss. For example:
  1. The vertical blinds. Not only are they on the patio door, they are on both bedroom windows and the cat makes so much racket every time she tries to jump up on the window sill when they are closed.
  2. The lack of outlets and all the outlets being upside down
  3. Hearing my upstairs neighbors nightly activities and the cigarette smoke that has been seeping through the basement from next door for the last two months. I can't even complain about it because the neighbor works in the office.
  4. Not being able to rip up the ugly shrubbery and out of control weeds, I mean groundcover, from the flowerbeds.
  5. Not being able to childproof the cabinets and drawers!!!

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