Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mittens and Morning Sickness

Why am I up at 5 a.m.? Because I've got pregnancy induced insomnia. Actually my son woke me up at 4 a.m. and while he fell back to sleep easily enough I became wide awake and aware that I was hungry. I tried to ignore it and then finally I couldn't anymore and dragged myself downstairs to find something to eat only to find that I had ignored the need to eat too long and then got blessed with a little bout of morning sickness. Lovely. It passed and I've eaten toast and a little bowl of cereal, but now I'm wide awake and browsing mitten patterns on Ravelry.

It isn't like I currently have 3 WIP mittens. Oh no, not at all.

I've just been obsessed with mittens lately! The bad part is that you have to knit two of them, and I've also been suffering from second mitten syndrome.

But anyway, I just found a new group on Ravlery: the NaKnitMitMO KAL. (That would be the National Knit Mittens Month Knit-a-long) I can't believe I didn't discover this group earlier! So January is the KAL month. I'm not sure what pair or pairs I will make then, but I'm in anyway!

Anyway, Blogger is being kind of weird about pictures this morning. Below are my recent mittens. The first pair is the pair I cast on for on Thursday. I think they'll be a birthday present for someone. There is also a single mitten that I'm going to need to order more yarn to complete.

There is a pair I knit for E and a pair I knit for Mark last month too.

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