Friday, July 27, 2007

'97, was it so long ago?

You know what will make you feel old?

Listening to your playlist "The Complete High School Experience" on your iPod and realizing that some of those songs are 10 years old now. Yes, that is right, the summers spent baby sitting and listening WKDD back when it was 96.5 FM were a decade ago now. That is right, in case you are my age and don't feel old, think about it, "Semi-Charmed Life" by Third Eye Blind and "Criminal" by Fiona Apple are 10 years old now. "One Headlight" by the Wallflowers is even older. Scary, huh?

Geesh. When did I get so old? I know I really am not that old, compared to most of the people I work with I'm quite young. It is just that sometimes it really hits you how far removed from all the kid stuff you are.

It is July so the office is full of college students doing summer internships. That really makes me feel the difference too.

One of the guys who sits near me browses Facebook all day long. I'm not really sure how he gets away with this. My company is pretty strict about using the internet for business related work only. Sometimes I worry I'll get in trouble for checking the weather (I don't think I will really, we just aren't supposed to use weatherbug or an application like that because it can really bog down the system) and he is sitting there playing on Facebook. I don't get it really, I mean they are able to see the pages you look at and the sites you browse. While I would like to check some other things when I have nothing to do, I am really not about checking a blog or email or anything personal at work when it can be read by Computer Services. I guess I feel like it is opening a door to your personal life that I'm not comfortable with to do that social stuff at work. This is the same kid who answers his cell phone and proceeds to have lengthy loud conversations about the possibility of him reading any Harry Potter books too. Do you just not know or just not worry about this sort of thing as a kid?

The other interns were having some sort of tiff today too involving a mutual friend/enemy. I have no idea what the drama is about, but that is just it, it is drama. Not that adults don't have drama, there certainly are office politics, but this stuff is like playground stuff.

I'm just saying, I guess I really feel like a real adult now. It has taken a couple years to adjust to the whole work vs school things and to get used to the rhythm of working life instead of school life. Now that I am mostly there though, just wow, I feel the difference.

*Side note*

I forgot about the blogger spell check issues. Blogger really needs to get a better dictionary. It doesn't recognize "iPod" "Facebook" "Playlist" or "Weatherbug" but it wants me to change internet with a lower case i to "Internets." Maybe I'm not the one that is so old after all.

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