Monday, July 23, 2007

Baby Knitting

No, I am not pregnant. Mark needs to graduate and we need to be a little more settled before we start thinking seriously about starting a family. I just want to clarify this right away. I decided that since babies may be a possibility in the next few years though, I would get a start on knitting up some special items. After all, I've seen blog posts by pregnant knitters and they all go through this stage of not being able to knit anything because they can't decided what to do or stay still long enough to do it. I'm preparing by knitting in advance.

Last night I finished up these silk baby slippers. I made a special trip to JoAnne's to find just the right embellishment. I ended up buying a couple things (after all I plan on knitting some more baby things) but after testing them out I decided the little rose buds were best. I guess I want a girl.

I have heard it is bad luck to knit for a baby that is only "thought of" but not due. It is also supposed to be bad luck to stick an empty knitting needle through your knitting. I think these things are just practical. Anyway, if I can't have children maybe I'll have nieces or nephews and if not, I'm sure I'll know someone in the future who has a baby and could use some special knitted things.

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