Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Socks and Literature

I took this picture on Sunday night. I know have about an inch of ribbing to complete on the second sock and I will finish Mark's Michigan socks. I'm hoping that will be tonight,but if not, just so long as it is in time for the Michigan-Minnesota game (aka the battle for the little brown jug.) I guess we don't get to watch it either because it is on a channel we don't get. This college football game hijacking by Comcast is NOT COOL. I better stop talking about this though, my anger issues are starting to come. [ donotevenmentionthebaseballorworldseriestomeorImaythrowsomethingatyou,especiallyifyouexhibitanyhthing butdespiseforthatteamfromtheeastcoast]

I know it is kind of silly, but I've been so fired up lately that I've been unable to make any posts. It all started with some of the things on the Ravelry forums, and then it continued with the asinine things people write on The Daily Record forum (my hometown newspaper). What could be so bad? Well, according to some people in good old Wayne County, Ohio if you have a witness that says they saw someone commit a crime, you shouldn't even be bothering with a trial. Oh, and this week, we have some people who think it is fine to blame a woman for being the victim of domestic abuse, and that filing divorce from her abuser is "running out on the marriage."

Ravelry is nowhere near that bad, but has brought up a lot of debate about feminism and consumerism and I actually may write some posts on my thoughts regarding aspects of these topics.


This is my next sock yarn. The picture makes it look a lot more pink/purple than it actually is. The colors remind me of Indian corn (hence the picture). The yarn is actually red/burgundy with some yellow hints here and there. I'm excited to knit with it, I think it is a great color for this time of year. That is the sock portion of the blog.

Now for the literature- I think I've found my love of lit again. It was on a hiatus for awhile. It wasn't that I ever really lost my love for it, I just was suffering from burnout that apparently took me a couple years to fully recover from. I think I am fully recovered, last night I purchased two volumes of the Norton Anthology of English Literature. I got the Romantic Period and the Victorian Period volumes, 8th edition. This may be the beginnings of going back to school. The things is, I feel like I need to seriously reacclimate myself to seriously studying literature. I've been out of it for over two years now, and they expect so much from grad students.

I also would want to go in a slightly different direction with my studies than I did as an undergrad. The title of my thesis was "The Heroine and Her Best Friend, A Study on the Importance of Female Friendship in Northanger Abbey, Emma, and Mansfield Park." I liked studying Jane Austen, but I don't think I want to continue down that path exactly, I would rather look at some Victorian writers. I do think I prefer staying British to going American. I love certain American writers too, but I tend to not get into them too much until the 20th century. That said, don't think for a minute I haven't been reading a little Poe this month or that I won't be reading "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." In fact, I think I'm going to put the computer aside and finish the socks while I begin reading it right now.

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