Thursday, August 9, 2007

Brown Clessidras

I'm feeling much better today. Want to see what I started yesterday afternoon? I learned that VH-1 countdowns are great to knit to.

It is Clessidra in Regia silk. I love the brown, it is so quitessentially fall to me. This may be because I went to a high school whose colors were brown & gold and that makes me think of football, and that makes me think of fall...

It could also be because brown always makes an appearance in fall fashion. Which brings me to another reason why today is good- I got my bonus check for last quarter! This means I can actually go buy some new things for my work wardrope. I really want a pair of much cuter brown shoes than I currently have. I think I may need to start on some sweaters again soon too.

My thoughts are a little jumbled. It is because I know I need to take care of some stuff. For example, I need to send the wedding picture proofs to my mom. I know why I've procrastinated. I hate to give them up. I will get them back eventually and then eventually I'll get the nice big album too, but right now these are what I have and I don't feel like giving them up. I'm actually looking through them one last time as I type this entry. Sad, huh?

All right, I've got to go do this.

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