Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thirty-one days hath September?

Growing up, the local newspaper was often referred to as "The Daily Mistake," and not just by my family. (It is really The Daily Record.)

This morning I was reading the paper online, and like always, I was checking out the vital statistics to see who I know (remember, small town and small school) that got sentenced for what. (I also like to see who takes out marriage licenses because they don't always put announcements in for their Engagements and Weddings.)

Today, we have this (names and addresses removed):

***** was fined $100 for criminal trespass and placed on two years probation. He must perform 20 hours of community service by Sept. 31, screen for mental health court and stay off victim's property.

***** was fined $250 for prohibitions and $100 for possession of drug paraphernalia. He was placed on 18 months probation, must perform 40 hours of community service before Sept. 31, complete an alcohol assessment and obtain and maintain gainful employment.

I'm wondering if this means they never have to complete their community service because September 31 is really never going to come. I doubt that, but I have to ask anyway.

On an unrelated note, MB asked:
Do you have a swift, or is Mark your swift?
I do have a swift. I bought one very early in my knitting career soon after I discovered the type of yarns that you need a swift for. I pretty much ruined one skein of yarn trying to wind it into a ball, I successfully wound another (but not without trouble) and that was enough for me. I figured that if I was spending that much money on the yarn I couldn't afford to have it end up in a big tangled mess. I also didn't really know any experienced knitters yet and podcasts were limited to KnitCast, so I had no one to show me or tell me that you can use your knees or you can put two dining room chairs back to back or you can just make someone hold the yarn for you while you wind it up. I don't regret the purchase though, it has got a lot of use (and those other methods have come in handy when I'm away from home and the swift). Since the picture of my swift is holding the yarn I used for Clapotis , I will share a startling discovery I made. I bought these mini pink calla lilies for my desk at work, and suddenly on Friday afternoon (after they were on my desk for two weeks) it struck me- they are the same color of Clapotis!In the summer I keep Clapotis draped over my desk chair. The AC gets a bit chilly sometimes. I found the calla lilies at Whole Foods. I had no idea they would last so long.

On to current knitting:

I've been doing a lot more cleaning and cooking than knitting so far this weekend, but here is the Malabrigo scarf I've been working on. When I took that picture it was about 2 feet long. Last I checked, it was up to 3 feet. It is the fourth time I've knit this pattern, but it can look so pretty in variegated yarn. There are only two rows to remember so while it is mostly mindless once you get started, it is still more interesting than just doing garter stitch or ribbing. I've come to accept that I like most of my projects to be mindless. It helps me relax and multi-task. That doesn't mean I don't like my cables and lace and colorwork. I do enjoy the finished object and sometimes I prefer to be more occupied with what I'm knitting. Sometimes I just like the challenge. I think I need a little more time for those projects I need to pay attention to. Mark starts classes again next week, so when he's studying in the evening I will probably pick up those more complicated things again.

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