Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Yarn winder follow-up

I've been resting and the second dose of Benadryl is working, so here is the post about the yarn winder.

As you can see, I now own one. After my unsuccessful search a couple weekends ago, I decided to just order one from Knit Picks. It actually arrived Thursday, but because our mailman hates us, instead of leaving the package at the Apartment office liked he has always done in the past, the mailman took the box to the post office where I had to have Mark pick it. I still got it Friday before we left for Toledo. I may also have wound up 3 skeins of yarn to test it out before leaving. It is fast! I used to think that I would want an electronic one because it would be tedious to keep cranking the winder- not so! The one I have is very smooth and fast without a lot of effort. I was also a little concerned about the capacity, but I was able to wind up a 900 yard skein of yarn (light weight) without too much trouble. I even wound a 450+ yd skein of bulky yarn (although that took a little more effort near the end).

I've become a little obsessed with converting balls of yarn into cakes. A small sampling is visible on the left. They actually are much neater and fit nicer in storage.

See the brown yarn that is front and center? That is the Regia Silk that I have cast on again (there was a failed attempt in May) for Clessidra. I bought the yarn awhile back from The Loopy Ewe and I've been meaning to make them, but I was originally going to make them larger (I have curvy calves) and I had a lot of trouble figuring out where the extra stitches would belong in the pattern. I'm going to try again without the adjustment and hope they fit. If they don't, I have someone in mind I could give them too.

I've had that attitude a lot lately, the "I it doesn't fit I'll find someone who wants it and can wear it" attitude. It may be due to the inability to close drawers, closets, etc. because every inch of storage in our apartment is in use. I can't wait for that day when I have a house.

I've also been stuck in that "I don't want to knit on anything I have cast on already, so I'm going to start something new" phase. I think the term is "Startitis." Anyway, it is bad. At least with Ravelry I don't forget about them so much.

It sort of feels like it is going to storm again. My head does not appreciate that.

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Merry Gentlemen said...

Do you have a swift, or is Mark your swift?