Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Is it a little sad that I have to be sick before I have time to blog? Perhaps. It is all about priorities, and as much as I want to write sometimes there are other things demanding my attention.

I'm having some sort of sinus attack. I've felt it coming for the last couple days, and if I'd been able to nurse it a little more yesterday I probably would have been okay today. (Maybe not though, because I went to bed at 8:30 last night and still woke up feeling awful.)
Instead, when I came into work yesterday, this is what I saw. That pond is flooding because of a water main break. Which meant that we had no water in my building. Without water, I could not make tea, which would have helped me (I was really stuffy and had a scratchy throat), and I couldn't really stay hydrated because you had to go to another building to use the restroom, and I didn't need to be doing that 10 times throughout the day. It isn't such a big deal when it is just down the hall, when it is in another building it is. Lovely, huh? FYI that water color is not the sky. They put some weird chemical in the pond a few weeks ago to kill the algae and the pond became the color of toilet bowl cleaner. With the mud that was picked up from the water main break, it was just beautiful. I nearly gagged every time I walked by it.
It isn't just that though, the weather has really been doing weird things lately and all the pressure must be getting to me. We were in Toledo last weekend too, and more often than not I get sick with sinus/allergies while I'm there. I managed to escape without it this time, but you see what I'm doing now. I am staying on the couch with cup after cup of my favorite tea (Egyptian Licorice Mint by Yogi). I took some Benadryl too, and I think that may be kicking in because I am starting to feel sleepy. I'm going to lay down again and if I feel better later I will write all about my new yarn winder.

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