Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The computer really is mine tonight.

Last night opened up the floodgates to issues I've had for the past year with not having a reliable working computer. It probably sounds ridiculous, but it affects a lot. I haven't been able to blog, and I really need to be able to write, it bugs me that I can't necessarily write when I want to. It annoys me to no end that I can take all these pictures and then it takes 5 hours if I want to edit them (and just simple editing like cropping and adjusting the light levels). My scrapbooking has completely dropped off, and while I can't deny the knitting has been a guilty party in its demise, if I can't get my pictures the way I want them I don't get them printed. If I don't have pictures, I don't scrapbook. It drives me up a wall that I can only update my iPod every two months when my laptop stays on long enough to download all the new podcasts and then actually update the iPod. This is important because I listen to podcasts at work when I have particularly dull tasks at hand or need to block out all the stupid noise around me. Listening to knitting talk or classic literature reminds me that I am alive. (I mentioned last night that I am feeling a little down, right?)

Anyway, the computer thing isn't just about having a computer. It is about being able to keep up my creative, intellectual side too. Mark thought it was important that we get me a new computer now. I've done some pricing now and then over the past year, I've looked at what was available, but I always decided it was an expense I didn't need. Since we have combined a lot of expenses now that we are married and live in one apartment instead of two, I agree that now is the time.

I initially thought I wouldn't want another laptop. I'm not a student, why would I necessarily need that? They are easier to physically damage. After the last eight months of having my old desktop back, I changed my mind. I feel isolated sitting at the desk, and the words never flow as easily. I spend 8 hours a day at a desk, I need to be able to sit on the couch when I check my email. I need to be able to sit next to Mark and blog while he does his law school reading. Although this time I got a 3 year warranty.

Today marks the two year anniversary of being in the full-time working world instead of in school. My first job was so terrible I try not to think about it too much. Well, except for those days I really hate my current job. I have to remind myself that it could be much worse- I could still work at that first job.

Tomorrow it will be two months that Mark and I have been married. I am very happy to say that all thank-you notes have been written and mailed before the deadline imposed by The Knot. (Which, by the way, they have wedding dates on file, so could they please quit emailing me offers for "30% off Bridal party gifts!" and other such things that are completely useless to me now?) Here is my helpful hint for Thank You notes: leave the house with them. It wasn't easy for us to write them with both of us working full time this summer and the apartment a bit cramped for space. We ended up packing up the gift list, pens, and several boxes of notes and heading off to Starbucks where we could actually concentrate on writing. This worked great because then there were no distractions, we had plenty of room to write and we could sit a surface that was the right height for writing. Also, it was easy to say that we could go home when one of the following happened:
  1. We finished writing notes for everyone on the list
  2. We ran out of blank Thank You notes
  3. The store closed
  4. It was bedtime
The first night we actually ran out of cards (I brought 3+ boxes). The second time we finished.

Now that I've written and feel better, I am going to go knit. I am working on A Handsome Triangle again and have about 10 rows before I'm going to cast-off. There is still a crochet border so it might be a month until I am done anyway.

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