Thursday, January 8, 2009

Forced Blogging

Once again Amelia has decided that I am not going anywhere. Thankfully, I already had my computer on my lap so I am only stuck, not stuck and bored.

As my birthday is now a month away I decided today was the day to take care of renewing my license plates. Ohio gives you a bunch of options, so I opted for the easiest and took care of the renewal online. Much to my delight, the renewal cost $15.00 less than the notice I received stated the total cost would be. Apparently my current county doesn't charge a tax on license renewal the way my former county did. The only thing I am wondering about is the stickers. In Ohio there is the standard registration sticker and a different sticker that denotes the county. I have been wondering if they will send me a new county sticker since I have moved since I got my license plates.

On a related note, I remember Ohio renewals being much more expensive then they are now. I remember when we moved to Illinois, Mark was complaining about how much it cost to renew, and I thought that it was actually less than I had been paying in Ohio. Now I am wondering if maybe my county had significantly higher license taxes and they have reduced them more now. Even the price I was quoted in my renewal notice with my old address was less than I expected almost (by about 50%!). I never registered my car to my Toledo address so I don't know if Lucas County taxes were less than Wayne County's, which would account for the difference of opinion Mark and I had. Although, it only costs $2.75 more to get brand new plates now, and I KNOW those used to be more expensive, so maybe state fees have decreased now too.

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