Monday, January 26, 2009

Of mice and men (or in this case, woman)

I managed to beat out these guys for Amelia's company this afternoon. That is a pretty amazing feat considering how much she loves her "mousies." Actually I have no clue what she has done with the white one, she has another gray one and she has spent the last several days throwing and batting these around, and eventually getting them stuck under the door of the pantry or underneath the fridge, etc. I'm sure I accomplished other things today, but it feels like I've spent at least half the day fishing mice out from underneath the fridge. By now there can't be anymore dust bunnies left under there. I can't ignore it either, Amelia will just sit in front of the fridge with pleading eyes until I rescue them. I try to toss other mice her way, but if they aren't fuzzy she just isn't all that interested.

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