Friday, January 23, 2009

Spring Tease

Today is one of those days that could really fool you if you didn't know any better. It is sunny and hovering around 50 degrees. I've spent too many years in Ohio to think that this will last; in fact, the forecast for the next several days is typical January weather again. I like to enjoy these days when we get them. They are so cheerful and full of hope. After weeks of snow and ice, negative temperatures and windchill, it is so nice to have a break and see the sun and get some fresh air! In the middle of the days when the sun is strongest my car gets warm enough it feels good to crack the sunroof as I drive around town.

I was driving around a bit today. I had some business to attend to and when that was complete I wasn't ready to go home. I haven't really gone exploring for myself since we moved in, mostly due to a strong desire to feel settled again first and then weather conditions once the majority of things were unpacked. Along my way I found an independently owned pet store, which was a great thing considering that I needed some things for Amelia. Since by then it was almost noon I gave Mark a call and met him for lunch downtown and got a little tour of his office. I never found the library like I was originally wanting to do, but that is all right, I will look another day.

Amelia was very please with what I brought home. Not only did she get a new scratching post, she got some more of her favorite little mice. I don't know what they put in these fuzzy little mice, but she loves them more than anything. Apparently they are more realistic than the standard catnip stuffed mice, although she likes those too, just not as much as the small fuzzy ones. She was less pleased with her new brush, but that is to be expected.

Anyhow, she keeps checking out her scratching post and standing up to reach to the top of it, so I think it will be a success. I had a couple other scratching options for her before. The cardboard scratch pad held her interest occasionally. She has never quit being apprehensive of the door hanging thing. Lately though she has been using the recliner a lot, so I figured it was time to get her something really vertical and sturdy. The upholstery on the recliner is textured, and I notice the other furniture she will occasionally scratch on is sort of wicker, like the laundry basket or my kitchen table and chairs, so I wanted to get her a sisal rope post. Luckily, the pet shop it for a much more reasonable price than what I've seen elsewhere. If this fails though they do carry clear Soft Paws so if I want to try them I can get them there rather than ordering them online.

Other than that I really haven't been doing much this afternoon. I took advantage of the warmer air and sunshine by opening all the windows and the doors for awhile to air out the place. That was one of the things that I really liked about this apartment- the airflow is great. I have a (locking) screen door on the front door plus the kitchen window in front, the guest bedroom windows are on the side, and along the back I have the patio door and our bedroom windows, so I can really get the air moving. This should be terrific in the summer, especially since I have a couple ceiling fans. I'm not sure that I really need to worry about stale air here considering how drafty it can be, but nevertheless, I do feel better to get some fresh air in when everything is so closed up for so long.

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EGunn said...

I love spring in January! It's so nice to have a reminder that winter isn't forever, even if it's a brief one.

My cat agrees with Amelia on the mouse issue; she loves her furry mice! She also loves fuzzy slippers, fake sheepskin rugs, and roving. The other one couldn't care less about any of those, and prefers crumpled paper. Go figure.