Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More pictures as promised

Before I begin a day of cleaning I thought I would share some of the post-blocking pictures of Icarus from yesterday. I am so happy with this shawl! It is actually my first large lace weight shawl. My Handsome Triangle is about as large, but the yarn is much heavier both in yarn weight (Lace vs. Sport) and fiber content (alpaca and silk vs. cotton and modal). My swallowtail was almost as fine, but that shawl is definitely smaller. I have another lace shawl in my queue, but that is going to have to wait until I finish a certain WIP/UFO. Any guesses which on I am talking about?? Anyway, the next shawl in my queue is rectangular and I am looking forward to a change in shapes. I also really want to try a circular shawl so maybe that will be my large shawl of the year next year.

Anyway, off to major cleaning and later inaguration watching.

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miss luscious luka said...

Thanks for giving me a previews of my shawl, which currently a UFO as I focus on other things. :) Looks awesome!