Monday, January 5, 2009

HFCS Free Challenge

Back in November my friend over at La Petite Tricoteuse instituted a 30-day challenge to not eat or drink anything containing High Fructose Corn Syrup. Finally, here in January, I am participating in the month-long challenge. It is a little easier to do now that I have my own kitchen and pantry again. Actually, ever since I began shopping for groceries again I have been reading labels VERY carefully.

I was shocked when I first realized how prevalent HFCS is. Ironically, it all started with those commercials the Corn Refiners Association put out. If you haven't seen them, basically Person A comments on how bad it is that Person B is eating something that contains HFCS. Person B asks them why it is so bad, and Person A can't really tell them. Person B then says it is fine in moderation and there is nothing to worry about. Well that peaked my curiosity about what is wrong with HFCS besides it obviously being a sugar, so I started doing some research and found out lots of things, including it being hard on the liver and especially bad for maintaining blood sugar. I also spent sometime reading the thread in BID on Ravelry. Someone mentioned how it is in everything from bread to condiments. I checked out my mom's kitchen, and while the bread and English muffins boldly proclaimed "NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP" the trip to the fridge was less successful. I found it in the salad dressing, the light mayo, and the ketchup.

In general I try to eat more whole foods and less processed ones, so I think this challenge fits in with that sort of eating philosophy. Admittedly, since I hardly ever drink soda (and never cola) this may be easier for me to do because rather than giving things up, I am doing more label reading. I swear that it does add 15 minutes to my grocery shopping time though.


La Petite Tricoteuse said...

woot woot! My challenge is spreading. I am glad that y'all are almost all settled in. We miss you!!

Miss Luscious Luka said...

Yay! Join the cult, I mean club. I found non-HFCS ketchup at Trader Joe's. I bet Whole Foods too, but TJ's is cheaper. Check your PB, probably has HFCS too. Here's where I flip: Whole Foods' PB has a better consistency and isn't weird and oily like I found in the TJ varieties. I enjoy the Newman's Own brand line and the Balsamic salad dressing checked out. Hope that helps :)