Sunday, September 16, 2007

The begining of something

All right, it might not look like much yet, but this will be "Tuscany" from No Sheep For You. The yarn is Briar Rose "Grace" I purchased at the Great Lakes Fiber Show in May. The skein is 900 yards and I think that means it is destined for a simple lace shawl (simple because of the color variation in the yarn). One of my complaints about the "Handsome Triangle" is the number of yarn ends I had to weave in. They were hard to hide and when I wear it they still sometimes poke out and I have to try and hide them again.

Honestly I think I caught the lace bug. I love my "Handsome Triangle" so much and I really enjoyed knitting "Foliage" too. I needed another lace project. This pattern is so well written (Amy Singer answered the questions that I came up as I started to knit in her introductory paragraphs.) The lace pattern and chart is straightforward and I think I'll have it down by the end of this row repeat (I'm on the second one).

No worries, I'll still keep the second socks that need finishing going at lunch time and during SNB, and they will stay in my purse for all those other times I need easy knitting. But I really like having a big complicated project like lace going for when Mark is studying and I have some time to sit down beside him and do some knitting.