Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lace Progress

Here is a look at my progress on the Tuscany shawl. I'm almost done with the 5th row repeat (the instruction say to do 12). The funny thing is of course that I'm not almost half-way done. So it goes with triangular shawls though.

I'm still feeling under the weather, enough so that I called in sick and spent today in bed. It is one of those things where as long as I'm laying around I feel mostly all right, but as soon as I get up and start walking around I feel bad and remember why I was in bed in the first place.

Since my day has consisted of laying around, knitting a little, and watching movies I just don't have much to blog about, but I wanted to show some pictures.

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Nad said...

Wow! You knit that fast! It's very pretty...