Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Change of Plans or How to Lose Business in One Easy Step

Remember a couple weeks ago when I posted that I was getting a new computer?

When I ordered from Dell, the estimated ship date they gave me was today. The first time I ordered from Dell, the computer arrived before the estimated ship date, so I was a little disappointed when that didn't happen, but school did just start, so I can understand it is a busy time right now.

I got home from work and was hoping to find an email saying it shipped today. Instead, I found an email saying shipping was delayed. When I went to the order status webpage, the estimated ship date was pushed back to October 4!

That is completely unacceptable. Which is precisely what Mark told Dell when he promptly called and cancelled the order.

I am now typing this blog entry on my new HP laptop I just bought at Best Buy.

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